Get Some Peace of Mind with a DIY Wireless Home Security System

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Never has there been a better time to look into creating a DIY wireless home security system. All across the United States, crime is a very real threat to safety and to property. After the year 2010, the FBI released crime statistics for the year that were shocking. Over 20 million home burglaries occurred in the United States in one year. Burglary is theft where there is no one present that is being stolen from, but there is a whole other statistic for more sinister crimes that involve breaking into homes, such as robbery (theft that involves forcibly taking something from someone). The crime rates are different in every city and county, but in a city such as Phoenix, neighborhood scout reports that there are 9,458 violent crimes per year and 60,777 property crimes each year. That’s nearly one crime for every 21 people in Phoenix, and only in one year! If you think that crime cannot touch you, your family, and your property; think again.

Home security is a matter of protecting what is most important to you. Your family is at risk as much as any other. There are several steps you can take to create a DIY system that will offer you some measure of protection from the crime that is raging across the city.

Step By Step

IMG_0231_2There was a time that your grandparents talk about when everyone kept their doors unlocked, even when they left the house unattended. But we can’t afford that anymore. Your first step is going to be to lock the doors. Make sure that there are good locks and at least one deadbolt on each door—even sliding glass doors. The little locks that come on the handles of sliding glass doors aren’t really designed to keep the bad guys out, so you’ll need to install a deadbolt to keep your sliding glass door from becoming a welcoming portal to your home for housebreakers and invaders. You’ll also want to secure your windows with additional locks.

But an effective security system goes far beyond that. Criminals are smarter than they’ve ever been, and security measures that are so physical and basic are now so commonplace in cities and places where crime rates are high that criminals are expecting things such as locks and deadbolts. They are expecting targets to be a little bit harder to get into. They are expecting that no one is going to leave the door unlocked with the purse hanging on the banister of the stairs 5 feet from the door. So they have means to get around such basic security measures. Locks can be picked. Deadbolts can be disassembled in some cases. Doorframes can be broken relatively easily with a crowbar and some muscle. Windows can be shattered. Even garage doors can be cut.

Boy in super hero costume in front of ranch-style house with parents 115533231So how does one stay safe in this increasingly chaotic world of crime? Well, there are a few DIY options for creating more advanced security systems without too much wiring. Some basic alarms, surveillance equipment, and lighting can be just the deterrent needed to make the difference between a  burgled home and a safe, secure haven. In all situations, home security is not something to be taken lightly. For that reason, the number one option is always going to be enlisting the help of a professional home security service rather than simply doing it alone. It will require do-it-yourselfers to take deep breaths and properly assess the situation, but under it all, the security of your family and property is what is at stake here. For more information about home alarm systems, call 866-565-4305 to talk with a professional.