A Simple DIY Security System Makes the Bad Guys Think Twice

Theif 464021341Don’t neglect your home by failing to put in a DIY security system. It’s really not as hard as you may have thought it to be—there are a number of tactics that you can take as you design a DIY security system to fit your needs and budget.

You may have heard that bad guys are cowards—well, this is true, or at least to an extent. Sure, they are definitely risking a lot to break into houses where they may be injured, caught, or thrown in jail. However, they tend to be very skittish because they are doing something that is against the law and they know it. 9 out of 10 criminals says that at the sound of an alarm or a sign that they have been spotted by a homeowner, they will book it to keep from being caught by the police. It’s just not worth it to these leeches of society to be caught stealing what is wrongfully theirs and thrown in jail for it.

So one of the cheapest, easiest ways to get rid of those 9 out of 10 skittish criminals is to give the illusion that you are home and have spotted them—even while you are out on vacation. There are several ways to do this, not least effective of which is with lighting.

Lighting To Scare Off Bad Guys

Many people leave their porch light on when they leave the house. They want to have a light on because it will give them a clear way in to the house when they get back home and because they think that for some reason it will give the illusion that they are home and keep intruders away. This is, unfortunately, a fallacy. Criminals are pretty wise to the fact that most people turn on the porch light when they leave the house, so doing so seems to be a likely sign that no one will be home to detect a break-in. 200171288-001Furthermore, the little light on the porch doesn’t cover all of the points of access to the house, so it can’t really deter a determined criminal from breaking in through a window or back door.

No—a  more effective strategy in this case is to make it seem like there are people home by use of sensors. A passive infrared receiver (PIR) is a type of sensor that can be affixed anywhere on a house and is useful to have near potential ports of entry for intruders. These sensors use infrared light to detect movement of warm (living) objects near the house. When a person comes within the range of the sensor, a signal can be sent to powerful lights around the house—these will turn on and make it appear that the criminal has been spotted. Many bad guys will turn tail and run.

Another effective way to mimic being home is with timed lighting. While you are out, you turn on your security system and it turns lights on and off throughout the house at random times, giving the impression that someone is home and moving freely about the house. Most cat burglars would rather not rob a house that is full of people who could hurt them or call the police on them.

The best way to combine all of these and more home security ideas is to purchase a bundle from a home security service. In something as serious as home security, it is always the best idea to get the help of professionals.