DIY Home Automation is the Perfect Help for Getting Older

Many DIY home automation options exist for those who are getting a bit older. For those of us who are getting to be in our later years, there are lots of things that are becoming more difficult and painful to do. Often there is the wish for younger years—years when movement was free from pain, when we could do whatever we wanted to and fit into whatever space we needed to get into. It seems that gone are the times when simple tasks such as vacuuming and mopping, doing the dishes, and cleaning up the house were an easy, pain-free process.Senior couple looking at a mobile tablet 477254817

Well, the truth is that in this day and age, those times don’t need to be gone. Independence doesn’t need to be a thing of the past. Back pain while vacuuming doesn’t need to mean that you live in filth or that you go to an assisted living facility if that is not what you want to do. Today, you can achieve independence by using what is sometimes a daunting word to those of the older generation—technology.

No, we’re not talking about technology that is difficult to use. We’re not talking about anything that will frustrate or confuse you more. We’re talking about modern home automation. Home automation is the process of making processes in your home automatic—in other words, home automation is letting technology take care of some of the work that you would otherwise have to do manually and often with great effort.

Automating Chores

Romantic Senior Couple Hugging On Beach 160537986One piece of DIY home automation that any elderly person or couple could avail themselves of is automated floor cleaning. There are actually small, unobtrusive robots of a sort that can sweep and mop your hard floors and vacuum your carpets and rugs. They are user-friendly and do the work without supervision or any work beyond pressing a button on a remote. Such technology is available at affordable prices for those seeking basic DIY home automation.

Automated Doors

Another form of home automation that many elderly people find attractive is automated doorways. Automated doorways use devices that open and close doors automatically for you—whether they be sliding glass doors or regular hinged doors. 1417521_75327405Such systems are especially helpful to those using a cane, a walker, or a wheelchair. They ensure that you don’t have to put yourself off balance and risk falling just to open doors while sometimes you’re already struggling to balance. There are a couple of ways that you can customize this experience so that it’s simple and to your liking: you can get a remote that you carry around or a button that attaches to your walker or cane—this button will trigger the doors to open. If this is too much micromanagement, you can install sensors that will detect movement near the door and open it for you, much like the automatic doors at a grocery store or public library. As a security measure, locks will still keep out intruders, but as long as the door is unlocked you will be able to enter and leave as you will without any hassle.

Automated Appliances

Home automation has a whole world of options. You can automate your coffee maker to make it give you coffee at a specific time every day. Household energy usage meter 186796121You can automate your television service to record the shows you enjoy most every day. You can automate your thermostat and humidifier to adjust automatically for optimal comfort at different times of day and night. The main impediment to automation for a lot of people, then, is the hassle that it seems to offer in purchasing and installing such units and technology as are necessary to properly automate a home. Luckily, professional home automation services exist that can install and customize your home automation experience to fit almost anything you can imagine wanting to automate in your home.